The leadership of APDT and CCPDT, with input from the community of dog training professionals, is taking steps to advance understanding of the expertise and importance of certified professional dog trainers. Our first step is seeking adoption of state legislation that would require licensing of professional dog trainers in individual states within the United States. Proactively seeking licensure will better protect dogs and their owners from receiving sub-standard service, as well as enhance the reputation of our profession.

Our Alliance was formed for three key reasons:
>     To protect consumers and dogs from unqualified trainers.
>     To enact licensing laws that include the profession’s voice and opinions.
>     To create sensible laws that permit multiple pathways to licensure.

To work with state legislatures most effectively, we have developed model legislation that will help emphasize the professionalism of certified dog trainers, ensure that consumers can obtain safe and effective training for their dogs, and protect dogs from substandard or dangerous practices.

Our efforts include advocating for our model bill in state legislatures, coordination on advocacy with other like-minded stakeholders, and, as appropriate, asking dog trainers to engage in grassroots advocacy for dog trainer licensing by reaching out to their elected officials when the time comes. We will begin in a few initial states that will serve as pilots for the legislation, but ultimately aim to have the model legislation adopted across the country.